Different Yoga Styles:

Hatha – Hatha is the traditional and most practiced yoga. Hatha moves at a slower pace and is more of a gentle, calm and controlled practice. By holding poses for longer and using your breath, this provides you with the opportunity to move deeper into the practice and develop a better awareness of your alignment. This allows you to focus on balance to maintain stability.

Vinyasa – Stemming from Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa/ Vinyasa flow is a beautiful way to free your body by flowing through a series of standing postures (asanas), and sun salutations guided by your breath. Vinyasa is for anyone wanting to strengthen their bodies, reduce stress and connect your mind and body through movement & breath.

Yin Yoga - works deeply within the body with passive, longer-held poses that use the support of the ground as well as bolsters and props. Yin targets the deepest tissues of the body, the connective tissue including joints, ligaments and bones. Yin practice leads to improved circulation, flexibility and joint mobility.

Hot Yoga - Hot Yoga classes can range between 26-38 degrees Celsius. This enables a higher level of endurance, resulting in increased blood flow, greater stretches and the ability to move into yoga poses more deeply. Hot yoga also removes toxins from the body whilst encouraging peaceful and better sleep.


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