The teaching staff is excellent and able to adapt your program depending on your specific requirements. They push you to go beyond your own imposed personal limits but within a range which they know you are capable of. As a result you come away, not only stronger but with greater confidence in your physical abilities, mental strength, and respect for your BODY.

We have a happy and overjoyed clientele who got their desired results by the expert Quro Methods.

Nothing makes you feel invigorating and rejuvenated like a healthy body and a sound mind. We at Quro not only give you the physical strength but also that happy mind of feeling good in your own body. Quro Health Studios have mastered the art of body sculpting the fun and easy way!

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Sophia maalsen

Sophia maalsen

I have been regularly attending Quro pilates for three years. Having osteoporosis and also having suffered from a series of injuries, I was looking for something that would condition and strengthen my whole body. I had also returned to study and was looking for an affordable Pilates' program and found the plans on offer were both affordable and good value.

Since regularly attending a mix of Clinical Pilates, Reformer Pilates, and Yoga classes I have noticed a significant improvement in my strength and flexibility. This has had a beneficial influence on my other exercise activities, and I find I am running stronger and without the injuries, or as many niggling pains as I had been previously experiencing. Over that time my bone density has also maintained rather than further declined.

Monique Swaat

Monique Swaat

I have always started a new fitness regime only to give it up after the first 2 months.

I saw the sign for Quro and thought Iwould give it a try – that was over 1 year ago!

After my first 2 weeks of reformer classes with Darii I saw results, I was stronger and more toned! The best thing is all the staff at Quro makes you feel so welcome and really take an interest in you.I would recommend Reformer Pilates at Quro to anyone who ever thought they couldn't find an exercise they could love to enjoy!

Monique Swaat
Stephan and Sharon

Stephan and Sharon

My wife and I both had issues with our backs and knees when we joined Quro in October 2016 and were looking to improve our flexibility and overall fitness. After regularly attending Pilates Reformer classes we have experienced marked improvements in our fitness and flexibility, a lessening of our back and knee issues and as a bonus we have both lost inches. We have found the staff very helpful and welcoming and the environment peaceful and inviting. We really enjoy exercising at Quro.

Denice Hamid

Denice Hamid

I have only been exercising, seriously, for the past 13 years. I developed a strong core early, so Pilates Reformer and Pilates Mat suited me, down to the ground.

However, yoga was a different story. Despite attending weekly classes, for over 12 years, I never felt like I was, in any way, a true yoga practitioner. I could see others in every age group, handling the classes, with beautiful flexibility. I had told my doctor that I just couldn't reach that level. He replied that I had probably reached the limit of my strength. So I thought I was just not endowed with

I had heard that Power Plate was developed to assist Russian cosmonauts regain bone strength so I thought, having Osteopenia, that it might help me too. Well, I did a Quro Power Plate course and found out it not only assisted my bone strength but my flexibility too. Wow! All of a sudden I could handle yoga more proficiently, which amazed me. Not only that, I am stronger, more agile and feel much younger,

At 72, I should be taking it easy and starting to feel frail, yes? No way! I am Pilates and Power Plate strong and young so that I now Bungy Jump. Queenstown, here I come; the 134 metre Bungy is next.

Can I do it? YES, I

Thank you, Quro!

Denice Hamid


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