If somebody is looking for a more intimate hands on approach to exercise due to, for example, post surgery complications, an ongoing battle with an old sports injury or is simply looking for a facility which can help aid their medical practitioner’s directions on what should be done for recovery, then our private studio with its specialised clinical Pilates equipment is the environment tailored for your needs. Here we can set up parameters for you to work safely within your own body and help you to understand the fine line between strengthening and straining in your personal journey of clinical

  • Injury Repair and Prevention
  • Postural Alignment
  • Pre & Post Surgery Conditioning
  • Pre & Post Natal Conditioning
  • Personalised Body Sculpting

At Quro we understand training and strengthening the muscular system around the injured area is so important to create an environment for recovery. It’s also our understanding that, on a neurological level, we need to reconnect the mind with the body achieving an understanding of anatomical neutrality. This means the strength and the co-ordination within your muscular system has been corrected and the body is now functioning in a natural and holistic manner. Together with your health practitioner’s directions and Quro’s expertise, we can achieve a wonderful result within your body. Once your injury has been stabilised and you understand physically what you can and cannot do, Quro staff can help you develop a more cost effective and long term group class program which will decrease the chances of relapse, and help set up a lifestyle which will further your health and wellbeing.

Pilates creates postural integrity that is critical for people’s health and wellbeing on a long-term level. Bad posture is the root of so many degenerative and long-term injuries and aliments. Pilates creates an incredible amount of strength within the anatomy with the ability, not to just work the main global muscles, but also the smaller intrinsic muscles that are so often overlooked and as a result the full potential within the body is not reached. This can also increase the risk of injury during a workout where postural integrity is not applied and understood. Another value that Pilates brings, particularly to women, is its ability to sculpt the female body. This is achieved by toning and lengthening muscles creating what we refer to as the long, elongated dancer’s look. For men, because of the testosterone in their bodies, Pilates strength training will produce a functionally athletic male physique, rather than the less functional and imbalanced bulky look that results from traditional gym weight training.

Strength work must be balanced with flexibility. Most people do not spend nearly enough time stretching out the fascial membranes and connective tissue which help the body with recovery. This is why Yoga is the perfect counter balance to Pilates. Together Yoga and Pilates help to create the perfect solution for a fit and healthy body. Yoga is so important because it helps increase the elasticity within the individual’s fascia and connective tissue combining and compliments a beautifully balanced workout.
Exercising in an environment that inspires and relaxes the mind is an incredibly powerful motivator for creating lifestyle changes. Quro’s mission statement for all its clients is to help them understand ” it’s not just getting fit that matters, it’s about creating a lifestyle that keeps you fit which really matters. Our aim is to always help you get the most out of your body on an ongoing basis. So, by creating a nurturing, peaceful atmosphere, Quro encourages people to return to the studio and make it their own. Our members start to build friendships and bonds with likeminded individuals, unlike what happens in most competitive gym environments today.


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