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What Is Quro Mums?

Commencing Wednesday 22 November 2017, at 1pm after the completion of the last class, we will be shutting down the health studio, just for Quro Mums and their friends to have time and space for themselves.

Staff will be available to take care of kids if needed which means you can just turn up with your kids, leave them with us, as you catch up with other mums and take time out for you.

We have organised with the downstairs café to send someone up to take orders, and then bring the coffee’s up with 25% off what is very good coffee!

Quro Mums is about building a community with likeminded mothers who can encourage one another and even have influence over some of the decisions made within the studio.

Furthermore, we will be having workshops in the future like our recent workshop “Ask an Expert!” to add value to our Quro Mums community.

Why Quro Mums

To really get an understanding of the story behind Quro Mums you have to go back several months, when I (Dean Haustead) was in a café on Glebe Point Road having a coffee one Saturday morning.

Whilst enjoying my coffee, in a very relaxed environment, a mother came in with her pram with what looked like a 1-year old son in the pram and a 5 year old daughter holding onto her. As she parked her pram at the table next to mine, the 1 year old decided to spit his dummy and burst out screaming at the top of his lungs!

Of course, what had previously an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace, suddenly became an environment filled with screaming, with everyone now looking at the mother wondering, what in the world is going on!

The mother was now scrambling under the table trying to stick a dummy in her son’s mouth, only to have him spitting it out while continuing to scream. Meanwhile, her daughter began to pull at her mother under the table, remonstrating “I want something to eat!” And yelling trying to be heard over her little brother’s screaming.

So picture this, this poor mother caught under a table, being yelled and screamed at, with everyone looking at her and no doubt feeling like she in hell!

As a father of 3 children my heart went out to her and all I wanted to do was pick up one of the kids and help her calm the situation down, so the poor mother could relax and enjoy a coffee with the rest of us. However, even though I really did want to help, there really wasn’t anything I could do! Let’s be honest; it would have been weird, me being a stranger, suddenly picking up one of her kids?!

Afterwards, this got me thinking; I bet we have some Quro Mums having similar challenging times, who would love a place to get some time out to shut down the engines and just relax?

So I thought…you know what… I’m going to do something about it!

For those of you interested in finding out more about Quro Mums or Quro Health Studios in general contact us on 02 9566 4900 or send us an enquiry through our website www.Qurome.com

Quro Mums Workshops:

On the 18 November 2017 Quro Mums presenting our first workshop: Ask an expert!

We are honoured to be hearing from 2 experts in their fields.

Emma Sutherland, Founder of Studio You, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Author and has a Bachelor In Health Sciences (specialising in Complementary Medicine) talking about gut health and how it affects us and our children.

Stacey Ly, Founder of Engage Physiotherapy, has Bachelor of Applied Science, a highly experienced practitioner treating issues surrounding pregnancy, post-natal, and pelvic floor dysfunction. Talking about the anatomy and how to strength it in a very easy and practical way, mitigating against current and potential problems surrounding women’s health issues.

Quro Mums Workshop


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