When it comes to Spin Classes the benefits are many. These include but are not limited to; burning lots of calories (up to 500+ in a session), improving cardiovascular fitness and toning the body.

Quro Spin classes are an amazing way to not only improve your overall health but to meet up with like-minded people at the same time. No matter what your background you will have the common ground of a spin class uniting you.

Whilst you sit on your bike you are not just improving your own health you have the ability to help the people around you be inspiring them with the help of the amazing instructors to do the best possible workout they can all the while working with in their own limits.

A few more benefits of Spin classes at Quro are;

  • Accommodates Ailments
  • Easy on injuries
  • Joint and tendon Health
  • Fitness Longevity

Spin classes also teach mental fortitude as well as giving you a break from your own rat race. You learn to dig deep and push yourself all whilst having some very meaningful “ME TIME”.


The studio is in close proximity to Broadway, Glebe, Ultimo, Pyrmont, Erskineville, Newtown, Darlington, Surry Hills, Redfern, Waterloo, Camperdown, Annandale, Chippendale, Haymarket, Eveleigh, Leichhardt and Forest Lodge offering Reformer Pilates classes, Yoga classes, Barre classes, Zumba classes, Spin classes and Physiotherapy for rehabilitation requirements.


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