Power Plate training takes place within our traditional pilates room called the clinical Pilates Studio.

Power Plate is the premium vibration-exercise machine that is creating a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. The potential benefits from incorporating a Power Plate machine into the traditional pilates rehabilitation work out are incredible not just for sculpting the body but for meeting a wide range of rehabilitative requirements.

We see these benefits not only in the results of independent research, but in the testimonials of a multitude of users, including elite athletes and premier sports clubs around the world. For example, Eric Helland who is the Conditioning & Rehabilitation Coach for the Chicago says:

“Power Plate has become an important training and injury/rehab device for the Chicago Bulls. Power Plate has proven to be a very effective and popular training modality with our players and has demonstrated impressive results even after a short period of use – increasing their strength, flexibility, metabolism and circulation.

“Other health benefits are increased bone mineral density, decreased body fat, decreased chronic fatigue and alleviated chronic pain while having little impact on joints and ligaments.”


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