Quro is a creation of Dean Haustead who has been personally passionate about health and fitness for most of his life. From playing Aussie Rules Football with the under 19s Richmond Football Club to recently winning NSW & Australian titles in Brazilian Jujitsu.

Dean has been involved in running and developing businesses within the health & wellbeing industry for the past 9 years – assisted by having a sales and marketing background within the information technology industry and, 10 years of ministry/non-profit experience He was previously involved in helping develop education modalities within Pilates, Yoga and Rehabilitation.

Through Dean’s Spiritual journey, he has incorporated principles that he believes are universal for balance within health and well being. Principles like:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Equality
  • Generosity
  • Love

These principles are found through the Quro staff and members within a beautiful environment.
We believe we have an exercise system that achieves the ultimate results for men and women who want to tone and strengthen their bodies. We have refined our techniques through our education department which is devoted to designing, creating and delivering fitness modalities. We package and deliver these exercise modalities within a beautifully designed studio which creates a desire and inspiration for those who are prioritising their health and wellbeing. Within a Quro studio you will find 3 internal studios plus child care facilities. The 3 internal studios include a reformer Pilates studio which has 20 state of the art reformers. A Yoga/Dance studio and, finally a Rehabilitation studio which receives referrals from doctors, physiotherapists osteopaths etc. Within the rehabilitation studio clients receive access to skilled instructors on $40,000 worth of rehabilitation equipment. This studio is called the Private Studio and doubles to become an exclusive product/membership for those who want to spend their time on body sculpting methodologies rather than the group classes format.

Since then Quro has hosted all sorts of TV shows and Commercial Photo shots. (Australia’s Next Top Model, Ten Years Younger in Ten Days, Readers Digest – Health Smart Magazine, News Limited ” Daily Telegraph health section etc.) due to Quro™s reputation for developing high quality health and wellbeing classes within a beautiful studio environment.



Quro's philosophies behind health and wellbeing. The Quro philosophy is to encourage people to change their mindset from trying to beat their body into shape, which often causes injury and isn't sustainable, to creating a lifestyle of fitness and wellbeing, which can be sustained over the long term.
maintaining their goals through their journeys within their desires of health and wellbeing.
Quro means "to care for." It's more than getting fit, it's about creating a lifestyle that keeps you fit. Quro "to care; for life.



Quro since has added Parent and Child yoga, Zumba Dance and Power plate machine modalities and will continue to research and develop health and wellbeing modalities to further the holistic approach towards health and wellbeing.

Quro has now officially launched the business arm of the company called Quro Australia.

This offers individuals an exciting opportunity to own their own Quro Health Studio and be part of the exciting change taking place in the health and wellbeing industry.



True success is not found or measured in what one earns or obtains in life. True and genuine success is found and measured by one''s ability to give in their life.

NLT reads,It is more blessed to give than to receive. A reason why it is better to give then receive is because when one''s heart is willing there is a deeper joy in the experience of giving when compared to the experience of receiving.

One of the passions and privileges Quro has had as an organisation is to be able to give and raise money for the less fortunate. For example orphans and credible organisations like Hope Worldwide. As Quro grows as a family within the health and wellbeing industry, so will our desire to give more to the less fortunate.


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